Tristar. Bringing Excellence To Life.

Welcome to advanced concepts in health care. A vision to deliver excellence in life sciences so that every Indian can access, avail and enjoy good health. Tristar’s commitment to Life begins in Surat – the first leg of a nation-wide network of multi-specialty hospitals. A large landmark hospital equipped with advanced diagnostic support technology and integrated complex of modular operation theaters. Tristar is a multi-specialty facility that effectively services a wide range of medical needs comprehensively and promptly.

A robust Hospital Management Information System streamlines and monitors efficient care round the clock. Medical luminaries from across the nation are aligned to provide valuable inputs and advancements in their respective specialties. Each aspect is thoughtfully designed to bring the best in healthcare to your doorstep.

This credo is the guiding principle for all people and systems at Tristar.

Put the patient at the center of everything. And let every aspect of every endeavor be driven by best practices and underlined by goals of excellence.