squint-careA squint is the problem of misalignment of the eyes. Care for eye misalignment is available to adults as well as children. In other words it is the problems where both the eyes are not looking in the same direction.The exact cause of squint is not known. Six muscles control the movement of each eye (see picture). Each of these muscles acts along with its counterpart in the other eye to keep both the eyes aligned properly.

A loss of coordination between the muscles of the two eyes leads to misalignment. Sometimes a refractive error like hypermetropia (far sightedness) or an eye muscle paralysis may lead to deviation of the eye. Poor vision in an eye because of some other eye disease like cataract etc. may also cause the eye to deviate. Therefore it is important in all cases of squint, especially in children, to have a thorough eye checkup to rule out any other cause of loss of vision.



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