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About Tristar

Tristar Lifesciences Private Limited is the holding company of Tristar Hospital, headquartered in Mumbai. The group has forayed into Real Estate, Health Insurance and Renewable Energy.

The group has accumulated a land bank of over 1.25 lakh square feet, not far from the proposed international airport in Panvel. This land bank is suitable for setting up Medical College , Hospital or Organic Farm.

The Promoters also have Windmill farms in Tamilnadu which is accredited by the UN as a certified Renewable Energy Project eligible for Carbon footprints.

The Group Companies are:


This credo is the guiding principle for all people and systems at Tristar. Put the patient at the center of everything.

And let every aspect of every endeavour be driven by best practices and underlined by goals of excellence.

Chairman’s Message

Tristar. Bringing Excellence To Life.

Welcome to advanced concepts in health care. A vision to deliver excellence in life sciences so that every Indian can access, avail and enjoy good health. Tristar’s commitment to Life begins in Surat – the first leg of a nation-wide network of multi-specialty hospitals. A large landmark hospital equipped with advanced diagnostic support technology and integrated complex of modular operation theaters. Tristar is a multi-specialty facility that effectively services a wide range of medical needs comprehensively and promptly.

A robust Hospital Management Information System streamlines and monitors efficient care round the clock. Medical luminaries from across the nation are aligned to provide valuable inputs and advancements in their respective specialties. Each aspect is thoughtfully designed to bring the best in healthcare to your doorstep.

This credo is the guiding principle for all people and systems at Tristar.

Put the patient at the center of everything.And let every aspect of every endeavour be driven by best practices and underlined by goals of excellence.

Hospital Overview

Specialty Care: Enhancing Quality of Life.

The Heart of Surat

Located in the heart of Surat, Tristar is the new destination for quality healthcare for South Gujarat.

Tristar is multi-specialty Health Hub for heart, eye care, orthopedic, gynaecology, Dentistry, Spine, and Pain management ailments.

Each department brings you medical solutions enabled by the latest technologies and techniques and well-qualified, richly experienced medical professional. For instance, the fully equipped state-of-the-art Spine Clinic uses computer navigated surgical techniques and non-invasive micro-diskectomy and makes spine surgery an OPD procedure.

A dedicated Emergency department takes care of trauma cases comprehensively and promptly. All the hospital services are monitored round the clock with Hospital Management Information System.

For the first time in India, a hospital will feature an escalator for OPD patients. This thoughtfully installed facility provides great comfort and ease in movement when they need it the most.

Four world-class Modular operation theatres operate with optimized working environment – Maquet operating lights and OT tables, Servo Ventilators, plenum ventilation and Hepa Filters.

A state-of-the-art cath lab from Philips is equipped with the latest stent boost 3 version.

Healing Hands : Highly Qualified and Experienced Medical Team.

Competent and Compassionate

Tristar has a dedicated team of doctors, trained assistants and efficient laboratory staff to ensure that the patients get the best of treatment.

We provide a wide range of health services, ranging from routine exams to complex surgeries and specialty services. Our highly skilled multidisciplinary staff has extensive experience in a variety of fields.

A highly qualified and dedicated team of Doctors chosen from amongst the top consultants of Surat will lead the way. Supporting them is a dedicated team of fully qualified and trained assistants. The ICU and critical care areas will be serviced with a one to one nursing ratio.

A regular faculty of visiting consultants from Mumbai and other parts of India who are the leading lights in their respective specialties will add to our knowledge and capabilities pool. They will conduct workshops, camps, lectures and demonstrations and continually upgrade our services.

Facilitating them is a large team of fully trained Nursing staff to provide Barrier free Nursing.

Infrastructure: Best-in-class Technology. Efficient Vigilant Systems.

Advanced Technologies, Optimized Systems

The most complex and challenging area of hospital construction is the operating department. We have installed modular Operation Theatres which lend us outstanding advantages in efficiency, flexibility, and most importantly an international standard of hygiene and infection-control. Continuous flow of highly filtered ‘bacteria-free’ air is reticulated under positive pressure and removes contaminants generated during surgery.

The state-of-the-art Cath Lab allows surgeons to see the stents and adds greatly to the dexterity, accuracy and compatibility for hybrid procedures.

Tristar has invested extensively in the latest equipments and systems. Cath Lab and Ventilator System by Siemens, Life Support System Ventilator, four modular OT, Computer assisted Knee replacements, bloodless cardiac surgery, beating heart bypass surgery, total arterial revasculation ( with no hand, or leg scar), Bypass Surgery for 12-84 year olds.

The Facility hosts a 22 bed ICU, 6 bed Surgical ICU, and 2 bed Barrier Nursing. A large team of over 80 fully trained nurses tend to patients round the clock.

Therapeutic Experience: Comfortable, Hygienic, Patient-Centric


Our approach is to revive, revitalize and rejuvenate the patient. Each patient is extended personalized and customized care. Patients can choose from our large panel of specialist doctors and proactively participate in their path of care and recovery.

A choice of deluxe, twin sharing rooms and VIP suites are designed to provide great comfort to the patients and their relatives.

Other Value-Added Services include:

  • Counseling for Planned Diet
  • Facility of in-house diet for patients
  • Comprehensive health Check up Plans
  • Patient Awareness system
  • Insurance and cashless facilities

Highlights & Technology

  • 200 bedded, Centrally Air Conditioned hospital (the first in South Gujarat) with spacious general wards and wellfurnished Twin sharing, Special, Deluxe and VIP rooms providing varying degrees of comfort and convenience.
  • All dedicated multi and super specialty services available under one roof.
  • State of the Art Modular Operation Theaters equipped with Maquet Operating Lights and Operating tables, and highly sophisticated equipment that are a surgeon’s delight. All the Operation Theaters have Hepa Filters and Laminar air flow system which totally negates the chances of infection in the Theater.
  • A state of the art Cath Lab from Philips which is ceiling mounted with hybrid capability and stent boost technology.
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit is the USP of the hospital. For the first time in South Gujarat we have introduced the concept of Cubicles in the ICU which negates the chances of cross infection due to isolated HVAC system. The ICU is equipped with ventilators, cardiac monitors, pulse oxymeters NIBP Monitors, Defibrillators and other state of the art gadgets for providing best critical care services.
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit is also equipped with multi para monitors and ventilators.
  • Tristar Hospitals introduced in Surat the “ARFI” technology the latest modality to diagnose early liver failure and cirrhosis, pick up early breast cancers and prostatic cancers, with Siemens patented Elastography technology.
  • For the first time in India, a hospital will feature an escalator for OPD patients. This thoughtfully installed facility provides great comfort and ease in movement when they need it the most.
  • Health Checkup Department offering tailor made and comprehensive Health Check Up packages.
  • A well-equipped Dialysis department with trained staff.
  • Round the clock working pathology department with the services of a qualified pathologist available round the clock. The laboratory is fully equipped with automatic cell counter, Auto analyzer, Cobash Biochemistry Analyzer 400+, Hormone Analyzer and Blood gas analyzer.
  • Round the clock working Radiology department with facility of CT Scan ,Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound.
  • Ambulance facility for transport of critical patients is also available with the hospital. Resident doctors for better patient care/management always accompany the ambulance.
  • 100% generator back up and additional UPS back up for life saving equipment.
  • Qualified and trained nursing staff for providing personalized care to each patient.
  • Eminent specialists and super specialists of Surat city attached with Tristar Hospital.
  • In-house 24 hour pharmacy for the convenience of patients.